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What is a high-tech enterprise?

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What is a high-tech enterprise?

Issue Time:2017-04-07

According to the relevant provisions of the "Measures for the Administration of High and New Technology Enterprises" and the Guidelines for the Administration of High-tech Enterprises, the Kaiping HIMARK Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., by virtue of its professional R & D team, independent innovation capability and good technical strength, Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, the Guangdong Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the Guangdong Provincial Local Taxation Bureau jointly issued the "high-tech enterprises" certificate, which officially entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.

What is a high-tech enterprise?

National high-tech enterprises, also known as state-level high-tech enterprises, refers to the "national key support in the field of high-tech", continuous research and development and technological achievements into the core of independent intellectual property rights, and as a basis for business activities.

High-tech enterprises in the country to support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises, adjust the industrial structure and enhance the national economic competitiveness and the establishment of special qualifications recognized in China's economic development occupies a very important strategic position.

HIMARK attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation work, continue to increase investment in scientific research, and access to a number of scientific and technological achievements in the patent is fruitful.

HIMARK led the development of SMA nickel-titanium alloy thermostatic intelligent spool, this nickel-titanium alloy SMA thermostatic spool reaction sensitivity is extremely high, instantaneous temperature overrun value is stable control within ± 2 ℃, so much Improve the comfort of the shower. SMA thermostat spool with high precision temperature sensor. In the water temperature of 38 ℃ when the fine tuning is very accurate, whenever the hot water and cold water water pressure changes, the thermostatic valve plug will automatically balance and ensure the stability of the water temperature.

The rotary switch valve provides fast and safe operation experience, the right handle for the water control, adjustable top spray hand and hand shower sprinkler. The first new waterway design, faucet surface will not appear high-temperature hot body, completely avoid the risk of being burned. Left handle for the temperature control, constant temperature design, the default water temperature of 38 ℃, the temperature error does not exceed ± 2 ℃, simple operation, suitable for a small easy to get started.

The HIMARK Sanitary Ware was assessed as a national high-tech enterprises, is on the HIMARK adhere to scientific and technological innovation fully affirmed. But also the development of the history of the building in the history of another milestone. In the future, the company will pay more attention to independent innovation, the protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; continue to increase investment in scientific research, to further strengthen the HIMARK bathroom technology innovation and scientific and technological achievements into capacity for enterprises sustained, Rapid development to provide a strong technical support.

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