HIMARK Is a perfect interpretation of high standard.
The shield logo of HIMARK is the combination of rigidity and soft, flexibility of Curved line also can be found on the top of shield, both strength and tenderness form the complete design of HIMARK LOGO. In the meantime, shield culture expresses HIMARK aim to be a glory century enterprise. "Give customer the best" is the philosophy of HIMARK.
The shield in the west, not only stands for a blend of strength and tenderness, but for the blessing of God, eternal love and happiness. In the east, shield symbolizes safety and protection.
The name "HIMARK" means "high quality" and "high standard", High standard and high quality is the original aspiration and mission of HIMARK.
Everyone Who Works With Us Is Connected By Our Values, Which Strengthens And Continues Our Legacy.
HIMARK advocates practicality, good faith and management ethics, good and steady management concept which has won high recognition from customers around the world. The core corporate culture spirit of HIMARK promotes efficient operation and the rapid development. In the future, HIMARK family will continue to adhere to our service concept to provide you with excellent service and quality.
"One company, one career, one dream, one gain."
"Everyone is the master of the family, and take good care of the family" has become the core cultural value of the HIMARK family! Create, share and win together to advance the spirit of the corporate culture, so that every HIMARK member has an excellent customer service concept and commits to providing customers with high quality services and high standards of products.
What connects us all is our deep sense of passion and pride in our accomplishments.Some of our team have been with us for over 16 years, while others are new talents, but both are driving HIMARK forward into a better future.
Just like each Himark product, our team is full of spirit and character.