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Not sure what type of shower system to choose?

Not sure what type of shower system to choose?

Update Time:2019-08-02
Concealed tub&shower systems solutions 
A safe built-in shower system, which protects the shower mixer from debris. Thermostatic mixer and single lever solutions to facilitate the work of installation operator and to guarantee functionality over time.
Thermostatic Shower Systems
HIMARK intelligent concealed thermostatic shower systems, with EN1111 for thermostatic technology standard. Easy installation and more safety, protecting you from scalding, which is a good choice to take care of your family.

Pressure Balancing Valves

All pressure balancing valves exported to the North American market use NPT 1/2" connector to connect all the water outlets and accommodate the commonly used connector standards in the North American market.
Single-lever Shower Systems
The design of the HIMARK wall-mount single lever shower faucet is clear & simple, with square or round shape, which can be combined freely and harmoniously to suit your own design.
The freedom to choose between 1 and 5 ways.                                          
Customize your Concealed shower system as your requirements.
DIY Design
We offer a variety of services, with 500 kinds of shower accessories for your choice.
Shower Accessories
The shower head oscillates under the action of spiral waterways and aerodynamic devices, forming a mixture of air and water. It finely sprays and rich in bubbles, producing billions of oxygen ions and providing a good shower effect.

There are three types of wall mounted shower systems, thermostatic shower mixer, pressure balancing valve and single lever shower faucet, which are certified by UPC, and EN1111. In order to adapt to the global trend, HIMARK supports formulate marketing strategies and customized new surface treatments based on the bathroom style, customer needs. 

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