Market Occupation Service Program

Focus on product innovation,win considerable benefits for you

HIMARK has powerful ability of development and design, it has awarded more than 500 "Certificate of Design Patent". It rapidly captures real-time market trends, keeps pace with the times in product design, makes innovations and quickly launches several unique series products, which can obtain business differentiation and personalized new products, constantlyimprove market share, enhance product core competitiveness, and win the considerable economic benefits for you.

HIMARK has many international product certifications, such as North American market certification cUPC, health non-toxic NSF/ANSI 61, LOW-LEAD, French ACS, European market CE, EN817,thermostatic technical specifications certification EN1111. , etc, which will open the market together with you.

Technical Innovation Service Program

Master core thermostatic technology, new technology pilot

HIMARK devotes himself to the development and research of "intelligent water system", "water-saving and energy-saving system", "environmental protection and healthy water system" and other fields, innovates products with the concept of science and technology creates the future, guides the market, and combines excellent craft technology to create the chief Silicon Valley of the faucet industry. HIMARK began to focus on investment in thermostatic technology since 2008.Through 10 years research and market practice for thermostatic technology, constant exploration,digestion,absorption and re-innovation, today, HIMARK has thoroughly solved the problem of thermostatic technology which makes the thermostatic faucet and shower system stable no matter in the product structure performance or production technology, and became one of the HIMARK core technologies,formed the independent knowledge products and technologies. In 2017, the thermostatic technology won the national high-tech patent.

In the future, HIMARK will continue to focus on research and breakthroughs in new areas such as scientific and technological innovation, and make customers experience new technologies through technological innovation and exploration. Focus on products, deeply cultivate the market specialize in bathroom industry and become the leader of new technologies.

Marketing Service Program

Professional · One-stop marketing service support

With years of experience in the sanitary ware industry,HIMARK provides you with professional advice and support on product selection,product positioning strategy and marketing program according to specific markets HIMARK has an excellent marketing planning team to provide you with efficient marketing planning solutions for our deep cooperation , such as :VI image planning , customized packaging design , exhibition display,marketing images resource,video,3D max , MG animation video technology these one-stop services support, hand in hand for you to quickly open bathroom industry market and provide you with development support.

Speediness Timely Delivery Service Program

Modern information system , scientific storage and production management system , solve customer inventory pressure and shorten the date of delivery.

Date of delivery is the symbol of enterprise strength, efficiency and management!Through close communication with customers, it reasonably compiles the market forecast system, scientifically plans the production of semi-finished products, flexibly adjusts the product level and classification management of the supply chain according to the market demand which can shorten and improve the capacity of emergency response for the date of delivery . HIMARK adopts advanced information management systems, such as CRM,ERP,WMS, etc., to support accurate and standard warehouse management processes and ensure efficient production and operation capability. Provide you with quick response for delivery capability.

Stable Price System to Safeguard Service Program

Senior financial team controls the cost stability of raw materials

HIMARK set up a professional financial team to pay attention to the price trend of major raw materials in real time, formulate effective price floating control mechanism and form its own price linkage system. At the same time, it controlled the price floating within a certain range and raw materials inventory to maintain stable prices according to the fluctuation of market raw materials to ensure that provide you with a stable product price system.

Exclusive Individuation · Serialized Design Service Program

Tailor-made support for different market demand

HIMARK's serialization and complete design make the whole bathroom have good visual effect, provide the whole solution and family product plan for the bathroom.

At the same time, products are more selective and it improves the commercial value of products to increase customer profit points. According to different countries, different markets, different natural environments and different consumption habits, it expands and customizes the collections of products to improve their market suitability and meet specific market demands.

Customers Are The Center of Corporate Culture Spirit

Customer - centric business culture

"One company, one career, one dream, one gain."
"Everyone is the master of the family, and take good care of the family" has become the core cultural value of the HIMARK family! Create, share and win together to advance the spirit of the corporate culture, so that every HIMARK member has an excellent customer service concept and commits to providing customers with high quality services and high standards of products.

HIMARK advocates practicality, good faith and management ethics, good and steady management concept which has won high recognition from customers around the world. The core corporate culture spirit of HIMARK promotes efficient operation and the rapid development. In the future, HIMARK family will continue to adhere to our service concept to provide you with excellent service and quality.

Intelligent and Environment-friendly Production System Service Program

Intelligent and environment-friendly production system and efficient process management are the most powerful quality assurance.

HIMARK has a complete intelligent and environment-friendly bathroom hardware products production system! HIMARK production base consists of comprehensive departments including raw material testing center, mould manufacturing center,automatic polishing center, precision welding center, gravity casting center, PVD vacuum plating center, CNC intelligent machine center, parts assembly department, air pressure and water pressure testing center, salt spray testing center and so on. In keeping with the times, HIMARK not only carries out the technological upgrading,process upgrading,equipment upgrading, but also continuously carries out management optimization upgrading of the enterprise, so as to realize integrated information management in the whole process of production, effectively providing you with strong quality assurance and service.

Environmental Protection Concept

As the leader of the intelligent and environmental sanitary ware industry, HIMARK takes sustainable development concept as its development philosophy and pays great attention to environmental protection. In order to implement this concept, HIMARK continuously develops energy-saving and water-saving products.It has invested heavily in two environmental protection equipments to strictly control emissions of exhaust gas from the production process, and to utilize innovative technologies,intelligent and environment-friendly products lead the global trend.

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