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10 years thermostatic technology&Market experience

  • HIMARK Thermostatic Mixer Development

    HIMARK is committed to building a “intelligent water system” with over 10 years of experience in thermostatic technology research and market practice.

    Through HIMARK's continuous exploration, digestion, absorption and innovation, it total solved the technical problems of thermostat technology, aiming to make the thermostat technology stable in structure, performance and technology. Now the thermostat technology has become one of HIMARK's core competitive technologies.


    HIMARK thermostatic shower was born in 2008.

    It solves the problem that the water temperature suddenly cold and suddenly hot when the water pressure or water flow changes during the shower, and realizes the intelligent temperature setting 38°C of thermostatic shower system, which brings the user the most comfortable experience during the shower.


    From 2009 to 2010, the second generation of thermostats was born. Based on the 38 °C temperature setting of the first generation thermostat technology, increasing the safety stop button, which achieves the accurate temperature control of the thermostatic shower. The user can set up the temperature of the shower as your requirement that according to personal preference, physical condition and different seasons.

    With the addition of Smooth Moving technology, the operation of the handle is more smoothand steady, which makes you feel that it is the ultimate enjoyment for both the operation experience and the shower experience.


    From 2011 to 2014, the third generation of thermostatic mixer is constantly improved and upgraded on the basis of the second generation of thermostatic mixer.

    The lastest cold touch technology of HIMARK thermostatic shower makes the external temperature of the main body consistent with the preset water temperature during the shower. And the Anti-Scalding function can automatically turn off the hot water in an instant when the cold water is suddenly interrupted, the risk of the scald is reduced to zero, and the shower experience that gives you a relaxed body and mind.


    In 2015-2016, the R&D of thermostat products has made breakthrough progress again. HIMARK creates a new generation of intelligent thermostatic cartridge,multifunctional s-connecter and new wall-mount thermostatic mixers.

    The thermostatic cartridge has an automatic cleaning function and a detachable design which can effectively prevent calcification and impurities. its nickel titanium elements are extremely sensitive. In 0.2 seconds, the water temperature error is controlled at about ±1°C to achieve accurate temperature control.

    The Multifunctional S-Connecter can control flow and the size of water supply, adjusting the water pressure and preventing impurities from causing the thermostatic element to malfunction that achieves the best shower effect.

    - Wall-mount Thermostatic Shower System

    HIMARK new built-in system makes wall installation of the thermostatic mixer easier even before tiling or plaster works and allows for the adjustment of the valve in the right position and guides for required depth of the wall recess,A safe system that protects the mixer from debris and gives easy access for the maintenance and replacement of the cartridges and filters.

    • Multi-Spray Pattern

    • New ThermostaticCartridge

    • Integrated FunctionalCartridge

    • MultifunctionalS-Connecter

    Fourth Generation of Exposed Thermostatic Shower System

    New Wall-mount ThermostaticShower System


    From 2017 to 2018

    Serialization Design

    The overall and serialization design of HIMARK faucets which including bathroom sink faucet,thermostatic shower system,tub faucet and bathroom accessories etc, fit a wide variety of bathroom styles.

    Surface Treatment

    HIMARK thermostatic collections have a choices of surface treatments which complement any styles bathroom. There is a European style as rose gold,oil rubbed bronze,pvd gold etc,modern minimalist style as chrome,matte black,white paint and so on.Moreover, we also provide customized surface treatment services according to customer needs.

    Market Specializaton

    Through the analysis of the market, HIMARK has expanded and customized the product collections of thermostatic shower systems to meet the needs of different countries and markets.For example, the NPT 1/2" connector which specially customized for the wall-mount thermostatic shower system in North America market.

    - IN THE FUTURE...

    In the future, not only will HIMARK continue to invest in technological innovation and new fields of gravity, but also increasing investment in intelligent constant temperature production equipment, such as spectrograph for testing the material of products, air pressure testing equipment for testing the using of the products in different air pressure environment, high and low pressure thermostat machine to test the product leaking or not, salt testing machine for corrosion resistance of product surface treatment etc, all to ensure the thermostatic shower faucet quality, performance and life cycle.

    Through technological innovation and new field exploration, Customers can experience the dividends of new technology. Focus on products, deepen market, be professional in sanitary ware industry, become the leader of new technology.

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