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What’s the benifit of the pregnant women use HIMARK thermostatic shower?

What’s the benifit of the pregnant women use HIMARK thermostatic shower?
Update Time:2019-08-01
There are many important things to think about in terms of keeping mother and baby safe during pregnancy and the daily bathing routine is one of them. Taking a shower or bath might seem harmless enough but there are risks that every pregnant woman should know about to keep her and her unborn baby safe.

The water temperature of taking a shower or bath for pregnant women should not too hot or too cold. Controlling the water temperature at about 38℃ is very important.Because of the low immunity of pregnant women, which can cause a cold if the water temperature is too low. If a pregnant woman body temperature above 102°F (38.9°C) increases the risk for birth defects in the first trimester(such as neural tube defects, small eyeballs, cleft lip, external ear malformation, etc and some will also lead to epileptic seizures.)   and dehydration later in the pregnancy.Furthermore,the pregnant women's own body temperature when raised too high increases your heart rate and reduces blood flow to the unborn baby.

HIMARK thermostatic shower mixers have a built-in thermostat which precise control the temperature of the water.Your pre-selected water temperature remains constant for the duration of your shower.HIMARK thermostatic valve features a built-in temperature stop, so there’s no risk of scalding from a sudden temperature increase.