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What's the benefits of using HIMARK thermostatic shower?

What's the benefits of using HIMARK thermostatic shower?
Update Time:2019-08-01
• Safety – Thermostatic shower mixers have a built-in thermostat which control the temperature of the water.Your pre-selected water temperature remains constant for the duration of your shower.HIMARK thermostatic valve teatures a built-in temperature stop, so there’s no risk of scalding from a sudden temperature increase.

• Convenience – HIMARK thermostatic mixers will maintain the water temperature which you pre-selected, leaving you to relax and enjoy your shower. Should you wish to stop the water (e.g. to shampoo your hair), the thermostat will automatically find the exact same temperature when you re-start the flow.

• Water-Saving
The HIMARK thermostatic shower is equipped with a flow control valve, which automatically adjusts the water flow required for bathing during the use. It is not only easy to use, but also saves water resources to the maximum.